Thinking of moving to Vorbasse?

Take a trip on the village homepage: – it has even more information than this site, but it is in Danish. There are useful links, for example showing what properties are for sale or to let, what the properties look like inside and out, and what they cost. Vorbasse has a little group of people dedicated to helping prospective settlers. Among these are:


The Village Hospitality Minister

A proud young couple, Kristina and Matt, with a ‘Welcome Basket’ from the Hospitality Minister

A proud young couple, Kristina and Matt, with a ‘Welcome Basket’ from the Hospitality Minister

New homeowners are welcomed to the village by the new Vorbasse Hospitality Minister, Arne Andersen. He is the first ‘official’ contact and brings a large basket full of local treats. Photographs may be posted on this site, so that everyone who has seen them can recognize and welcome new faces. The basket contains invitations from the Vorbasse Business Association, the Village Community Committee and shops and associations. Vorbasse has about 70 different clubs and associations, so there should be interesting activities for everyone.

Help for prospective movers

There are many people who will be very happy to give you a guided tour of the village and tell you about prospects for settling down here.

If you want a chat about settling down in Vorbasse, contact Jeremy Watts (tel. +45 60614329, mail:  who has lived in the area for 40 years.

Of interest especially for families:

Child care

You can choose between accredited private child minders or the municipal crèche. This is part of the village kindergarten, which collaborates with the child minders and organizes back-up care. There is a good adult-child rating. The kindergarten is located in the Activity Centre, opening into the library, which it uses extensively. The sports halls and activity hall are also part of the kindergarten’s space. Children of all ages are allocated time in the swimming baths here. The Centre cafeteria supplies hot and cold food for lunch for the children.

There is a large play-park for the children.

Parental involvement is encouraged, not least on the Kindergarten Board.

The kindergarten collaborates closely with the school, which is just 100 yards away across the sports fields.


Vorbasse School is a comprehensive school from pre-school to 9th grade. It has been considerably refurbished inside and outside (2016-2017) and is equipped with the most up-to-date teaching facilities and equipment. It has been a trend-setter in Danish education since the 1970s. There is a good teacher-pupil rating, and parental involvement is also encouraged here, especially on the School Board.

There is school bus transport for children every day (although walking and cycling are encouraged!) There is also bus transport for children attending the International School in Billund.


There are many clubs and associations providing activities for children after school. Most are in the Activity Centre or within walking distance of the school.



Building plots for sale – sizes and prices. You can also check out