Welcome to one of the oldest villages in Scandinavia – and at the same time one that has the newest facilities.

Visitors are always welcome. Here you can find information to help you enjoy your stay and find out about the ‘real Vorbasse’


This year’s main events

Evening excursion to Frederikshåb Plantation with a nature guide

There is an evening excursion to Frederikshåb Plantation on Wednesday 9th August from 6.30 p.m. to 9 p.m. Nature Guide Peer Høgsberg will lead us on a tour of discovery in this lovely and unusual plantation. Come and experience the splendid surroundings, and listen to some of the exciting and extraordinary stories that the plantation is renowned for. We will study the flora and fauna of the plantation as we go. The excursion is suitable for both children and adults. The whole trip is about 4 kilometers long. Meeting place: The car park at Bøgevadvej 121, 7183 Randbøl. Guide: Peer Høgsberg, tel. +45 2364 0265. Arranged by Billund Municipality, Department of the Environment.

Walk-Half-Thon Walking Half-marathon
There is a walking half-marathon starting out from the Vorbasse Activity Centre on the 13th August at 11 a.m.
Walk a half marathon. Do you ever dream of doing something a little bit wilder than your neighbor does?
Have you ever thought about doing something that not everybody has done?
Let us walk a half-marathon together – and it has nothing to do with speed and breaking records!
We will just complete it and we have plenty of time. There is no stop-watch!
Information at 10.45 a.m., start at 11 a.m. Expected time between 3 and 5 hours.
Tickets: just 50 kroner. Free water and fruit on the way and at the end.
Read more about it on Facebook and book here, too. Find the group ‘Walk-halv-thon’.
Pay by MobilePay: +45 7175 0249. Or mail Dianna at dfv@vorbasse.dk, giving you name and mobile number.

17-08-2017 18:30
Village walk along the Green ‘Heart Path’ 

27-08-2017 10:00
Vorbasse plant market at the marketplace

12-09-2017 12:30
Parish trip to Haderslev Cathedral

23-09-2017 18:00
Market party 2017 – Town Home Owners’ Association is host

01-12-2017 19:30
Advent celebration in the church and parish hall

07-01-2018 14:00
New Year’s walk in Vorbasse

14-04-2018 12:00
Bierfest in ’Vorbasse Stadthalle’ (the Activity Centre!)